About Us – LA' PELLO

About Us

La'Pello was established in 2016 with the plan to offer a novel perspective as an esteemed Fur brand: one that is ground breaking and creative, one that grasps new advancements in technology, fashion and skills.

We select just the premium quality, ethically sourced materials. The pelts are dyed through naturally synthesized colors, hand-made and completed with hi-quality silks.

Our end products are an accumulation of ethically sourced materials merging with western fashion and skills. Carefully designed to embrace every demand of an independent woman's wardrobe. A new paradigm for luxury fur: Fashionable & Affordable.


Our Philosophy

Team La Pello has restored their vision in providing ultimate quality to their customers. Our aim is to exhibit professional ethics and introduce latest fur trends in the market.

We abide by strict measures of integrity in our daily operations and throughout the product development phases ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.


Our Commitment to Origin Assured Fur

Team La’Pello firmly believe in determining the origin assured fur. We believe in strictly following ethical values in every stage of development. We only associate ourselves with those who abide by our values, we are assured that La'Pello pelts will come only from regulated farms who respects our ethicality and follow the same set of standards.

This guarantees the premium quality of fur which is a result of carefully bred animals