Aftercare – LA' PELLO

  • Majority of the perfumes contain alcohol which can undermine the characteristic of the fur hence it is not advised to spray directly on the fur products.
  • Prevention from rain is advised, incase of rain encounter hang dry at room temperature.
  • Kindly do not use hair dryer or radiator.
  • Kindly do not use brush for washing or drying.
  • Usage of cushioned hanger is recommended to avoid deshape.
  • Do not use plastic covering. Cover in breathable fabric for storage purposes.
  • When kept for storage put the fur product in a dark cupboard with relatively cool temperature.
  •  In case you get in the rain delicately shake out the water and hang dry at room temperature. Try not to attempt to accelerate the procedure with a hair dryer or any other artificial process. 
  • In event that your fur is totally soaked then we would recommend that you get it cleaned from a professional fur cleaner.